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Madeira Lovers

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Carla Fonseca

Executive Producer

With a comprehensive career spanning over 30 years in the production industry, Carla began as a production assistant, gradually climbing the ranks to become a producer, and ultimately achieving the role of executive producer. Since the inception of the Faca nos Dentes project in January 2021, Carla has been the linchpin as the executive producer, bringing her extensive experience and vision to the studio. Furthermore, she maintains exceptional collaborative relationships with other production companies, such as Twenty-four Seven and Landia, with whom she occasionally collaborates on notable projects.

Sage Bennett


Introducing Sage Bennett, a versatile artist in the realms of writing, directing, and photography. From her beginnings as an editor, Sage has woven her creativity into diverse projects, including commercials, documentaries, and music videos. Her recent acclaimed shorts, 'Grandma Kitty’s Ping Pong' and 'Placebo,' showcase her global storytelling prowess.

As a director to watch, recognized by Shoot Magazine, Sage brings a unique feminine perspective to her work. Proudly associated with Madeira Island and Faca Nos Dentes Films, her storytelling is infused with the rich cultural tapestry of the island. A member of Free the Work, Sage's narratives, featured in LadyGunn Magazine, The Directors Library, Born Rival, and Kaltbult Magazine, transcend boundaries, creating connections and moments of levity worldwide."


Antonio Freitas

Producer / Prod. Manager

Not only the name behind FND but also the literal face of our logo. From being a tourism driver on the island to a pivotal figure in production, Antonio's journey is nothing short of remarkable. After a chance encounter with production, he made the move to Lisbon, honing his skills through training at Garage Prod Company. From there, Antonio's freelance career soared, ultimately leading him to the role of a seasoned production manager.

Armed with an intimate knowledge of the islands, Antonio envisioned and brought to life the first-ever service production company in the archipelago. Today, at FND, we take pride in ensuring our clients' satisfaction, thanks to Antonio's passion and expertise.

Our Team: Equipe
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